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We operate some of  the best  quality Sound Systems for Special events in the UK. Even our Public Address systems are music quality, leaving the old Tannoy System and tin speaker image a thing of the past at a Slipstream event!

The Slipstream Events team and its associates are specialists in the creation, technical operation and management of all types of aviation, marine and major general special events.  From a single Spitfire flypast to a major air display, an air race to a hot air balloon festival, a powerboat race to marine exhibition, we have over thirty years experience in technical and creative production solutions, bringing together a unique, in-house resource of creative production, ideas and leading edge technology. 

We provide cost effective turnkey event solutions for Local Authorities, Promotions & Advertising Agencies, Promoters, Government Agencies, The Armed Forces, Charity Organizations, Historic Attractions, Veterans Organizations, Commercial Sponsorships, etc.   We can help you create your event and then supply the team of trusted experts and technical resources to ensure its success

We feature unique music grade, distributed sound systems which provide  high quality concert grade sound reproduction, for distribution over wide areas, such as Air Displays (seafront or airfield), Hot Air Balloon Festivals, Heritage Events, Firework Displays, Town & Country shows, Exhibitions, etc. Facilities include radio microphones, music systems, radio monitors, etc

We also supply air conditioned commentary trailers from simple two man units up to two story major event control centres.
In addition, we can supply and operate comprehensive organisers ground radio networks, air band and marine radio systems and special event radio stations

It is an often overlooked fact that the sound system is the heart of any special event. Used creatively, it provides the key link between the event and the audience; it is a powerful marketing tool and the primary safety device of the event. It can be used to create the right atmosphere and has an important part to play in presenting the professional image of the event, especially to major sponsors or potential sponsors. A high quality sound system should be one of the basic building blocks of a good event.

It is hard to show how good our system is in pictures, so play the YouTube video below, and take a member of the audience’s home video as an example of what we can do (and no the music is not dubbed on, it really is that good!
Can the system you use be heard over the top of 9 Hawks and a 747?


Poor sound usually equates to a poor show

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